Important Science Questions: Metals and Non Metal (Short Answers)

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1. Name a metal which is a best conductor of heat and electricity.
A. Silver
2. Name 2 metals which can displace hydrogen from dilute HCl.
A. Na and K
3. Why sodium is kept immersed in kerosene oil?
A. Sodium reacts with oxygen when kept in open air and catches fire, so it is kept in kerosene oil to avoid this fire.
4. For the reduction of metal oxide, name a reducing agent cheaper than aluminium.
A. Coke.
5. Name the major metal used in making aircraft.
A. Aluminium.
6. What is meant by malleability of a metal?
A. Malleability means that metals can be beaten into their thin sheets.
7. Why does a greenish layer on a copper vessel if it is left for a few days in humid atmosphere without being cleaned?
A. It is due to the formation of basic copper carbonate [CuCO3.Cu(OH)2]
8. Name the elements present in quartz.
A. Silicon and Oxygen.
9. Name two elements which are brittle and non ductile.
A. Sulphur and Phosphorous
10. Name a non metal which is a good conductor of electricity.
A. Graphite is a non-metal which conduct electricity due to the availability of free electrons.


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